A Touch of Red

Red Braat

In 2008, after twenty years in the high-tech industry, I felt it was time for a dramatic change. I had long since met all my goals in that industry, and just couldn’t face another 3 – 6 month ship cycle. So I made a list of what I’m good at and what I want out of life, hoping it would lead me to my next career.

Here’s the list:

  • Use my creative and artistic talents ( Life is Art! )
  • Use my intuitive talents (…a job where I get to use my intuition is best )
  • Use more social than technical skills ( I need more social opportunity )
  • Become able to help people ( I would love to help others, to give something back )
  • Enhance my physical fitness ( I want more movement, after too much sitting at a computer )
  • Keep learning ( Always be engaged )

I tried a few different occupations before I found Massage Therapy, but none of them gave me the total satisfaction that being a bodyworker provides.

I have found that the way I do Massage Therapy hits every point on my list!


425-202-5733; icRED.LMP@gmail.com

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